2018 Election Campaign Packages

We specialize in providing telephone services for election campaigns and work with federal, provincial, and municipal campaigns. We build and manage call centers for non-profit organizations and businesses alike. We understand the particular needs of election campaigns.

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Election Hotline: 888-239-1664

How we will benefit your campaign

Having worked on the ground and being involved with the day to day operations of a campaign we know what you are experiencing. We understand your needs. Campaign managers are often faced with the daunting job of dealing with campaign office technologies. This includes setting up the computers and phones, getting internet, configuring virtual phone banks in the voter engagement applications, and various other time consuming tasks.

Once you are signed on with ZoomFone, you may call our Election Hotline for support, make changes, and request any assistance you may require. Our technicians will be familiar with your particular setup and be able to assist
you in a personal way that other telephone companies will not.

Campaign Virtual Voicemail – $15 per month

Included for free with Phone Bank Package

Get your campaign number now and start publishing it. No need to give out a personal home phone or a
cellular number, let people reach you at your campaign number.

Campaign Virtual Phone Bank – $20 per month*

*5.5 cents per minute

Having a pool of volunteers ready to make calls for your campaign is great. However volunteers may hesitate to use their personal devices because their name and number will be displayed, and in some cases will incur long distance charges. Volunteers do not want people calling back to their personal numbers.

A Campaign Virtual Phone Bank will allow volunteers to use their personal devices and the call will appear as if it is from the campaign number.

Campaign Phone Bank – Offered in 3, 5, 10, and 20 packs

3 Pack – $500
5 Pack – $800
10 Pack – $1500
20 Pack – $2,700

ZoomFone provides phone services that offer superior features and cost savings. Our technology is not tied to phone lines, it utilizes the internet.
– We will provide you with telephones, network cabling, and internet router.
– We will assist you with the installation by phone.
– We will help you plan your phone bank, call the hotline before you rent your campaign office and before you book your internet! Getting the right internet is important. Call the hotline!

Feature List

– Campaign telephone number
– General voicemail
– Unlimited calling (Canada-wide, excluding 867)
– Three way calling
– Automated attendant
– Ring group
– Time conditions
– High quality telephones
– Voicemail, and voicemail to email
– Simultaneous ring
– Call forward
– Hold and Call Transfer

Automated Attendant

When calls are not answered by to your receptionist, the automated attendant will play a recorded
message and provide choices you choose: dial-by-name, dial-by-extension, and any call routing that
you choose. IE. Press 1 for Campaign Manager, Press 2 for Volunteer Coordinator…
Ring Group A ring group allows a group of extensions to ring when a call goes to the main number. This will allow
several people to answer calls.

Three way calling

This feature will allow you to call two parties and speak to both simultaneously.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail can be delivered to an email address as a .WAV attachment. This is a very useful way to
receive and listen to voicemail. Very handy when you are away from the office, and very easy to
forward to others to listen to.

Simultaneous Ring

Forward calls to multiple phones simultaneously, answer at the office or on your other devices. The
simultaneous ring feature eliminates the possibility of missing an important phone call. Now you can
be sure to stay in constant communication throughout the day.

Hold and Call Transfer

Place calls on hold and callers will hear music. Calls can be transferred to an extension, or to an
external number. This is useful when screening calls to the candidate, handling media calls or
transferring a call out to a campaign worker who outside of the office.


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Election Hotline: 888-239-1664